About Us

Amy Howard, the creative genius behind the furniture brand Amy Howard Home, has launched a fresh, fun, easy- breezy way to “go-green” in design; Rescue Restore Redecorate!
For years Amy has offered a myriad of fabulous products that clients can use to update and refresh tired furniture. Having built her incredible business on finding spectacular vintage pieces and fine antiques, refurbishing them to an artful state and then reproducing these items for sale; Amy’s quest for 2013 and beyond is to share her tips and talent for revitalizing what could be considered throw-aways into lovingly restored magnificent pieces for the home.
“Breathing life into home décor pieces that otherwise would be discarded has become a tremendous passion of mine this last year. Once we discovered that nearly 10 million furniture and accessory items are being discarded annually; we declared war on the dismissal of furniture that has full potential for a second act in them!” Howard said. “The construction and integrity of older furniture is unquestionable, especially these days with the market flooded with lesser-quality imports. We decided to rescue and restore products and show client’s how they too can redecorate their spaces; not with all new purchases but with a loving hand and eye for refreshing~ it’s quite satisfying really!”
Amy’s methods go way beyond paint and reupholstering. Her innovative techniques and easy-to-use products will change the way we look at existing furniture and cast-offs for good. Her teaching methods are simple to follow, the results are astonishing, and her sparkle and enthusiasm make her the quintessential go-to for DIYers around the country and beyond.